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Veronica Lewis

'You Ain't Unlucky' CD (Signed)

'You Ain't Unlucky' CD (Signed)

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Call It Blues, Call It Roots, Call It What You Will - It’s 100% Veronica Lewis:  and she delivers big with her debut album, “You Ain’t Unlucky” on Blue Heart Records. It's an uplifting, authentic, and original message to the world at a time when we need it most.  Veronica Lewis, is a teenage prodigy, piano player, singer & prolific songwriter who is ”changing the game and upping the ante”, says American Blues Scene.  Bending genres from the Bayou to the north country, Lewis combines the true language of the Blues with the energy of early rock ‘n rollers. With the release of her critically acclaimed, Chart-topping, debut album “You Ain’t Unlucky”, 18-year-old Veronica Lewis, is poised to bring new generations back under that big old revival tent that is Blues and Roots rock and roll. 

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